In the world of international logistics, there is a growing demand for more efficient importer of record services. The reason for that is IOR service firms making bold claims and delivering much less in comparison. As a logistics firm GCE takes pride in providing highly streamlined and efficient importer of record service to our customers.

What does Importer of Record Stand for

When any cargo is moved across international borders, the action comes with a number of legal obligations. That the cargo owner is expected to take care of before the cargo can travel to its destination. Your importer of record will take charge of all the documentation and operations. That are required on the port of arrival on your behalf.
Our IOR service can take care of all the procedures and requirements of Customs and other relevant agencies. So your cargo gets delivered to you as swiftly as possible.

Our Importer Of Record Service

At GCE, our IOR service is built around efficiency and quality of service. So that you get your shipment without any delay on the port of arrival. Our experience has taught us the only difference between a good IOR firm and a great one is the efficiency they demonstrate. Great IOR service makes sure operations are perfectly streamlined. So the cargo does not wait on the port of arrival a single minute more than it must.

  • Safety of your cargo is our utmost priority
  • Taking care of all tasks related to shipment on your behalf is our job
  • We work globally, so we know the varying laws of every country you’ll work with


what we do

  • Detailed checklist of compliance standards for your shipment upon arrival
  • Representation of the client for documentation and declaration for arriving cargo
  • Submission of necessary reports to agencies, such as Customs
  • Necessary inventory registry and legal compliance before cargo arrives
  • Maintaining records where necessary
  • Submission of any and all duties and taxes on the port of arrival
  • Facilities of cargo warehousing and storage should the client need it before delivery

Why Choose The GCE Importer Of Record Promise

The GCE team is proud of its importer of record service. We have delivered numerous jobs in our IOR service experience. We helped businesses and individuals receive their cargo safely and swiftly. As an expert importer of record service provider, GCE understands how to make the job look easy.

Choosing GCE’s importer of record promise, you can expect:

  • Swift IOR service anywhere in the world
  • Instant quotes for your jobs
  • Specialist knowledge and advice
  • Comprehensive infrastructure from a one-stop shop

Take our importer of record service today and see how fast we can deliver your cargo

Why choosing GCE?

Global Reach

Instant Quotes

Specialist Knowledge

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