Global Exporter of Record Services

As a rising star in international logistics sector, GCE is ready to meet the challenges of exporter of record services. With overwhelming competition already helping clients while many of such firms misleading customers thanks to their incomplete grasp on the processes, GCE is willing to outwork the winners with high quality EOR service.

What Does Exporter Of Record Mean?

An exporter of record service is a professional service that takes care of the pre-transit documentation and processes. When you purchase a shipment and have it ready for shipment, a number of steps are taken before the cargo can leave port of its country of origin.

Our EOR service will take care of your product so that your cargo can get to you fast without any delay.

GCE Exporter Of Record Services

At GCE, this one point is the driving force of our export of record services. We train our teams to ensure the EOR service is streamlined in such a way that our clients do not have to wait for their precious cargo any more than they must.

  • We make sure your cargo is safely loaded and boarded on time on the vessel
  • We take care of all documentation and legal requirements at the port of origin
  • We take the weight of your cargo on our shoulders so you can do something better

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Our EOR Service Includes

  • Comprehensive compliance assessment for the pre-transit phase
  • Preparation of reports to relevant agencies on port of origin, such as Customs
  • Appropriate registration of inventory and assurance of legal compliance
  • Arrangement of necessary export licenses and permits
  • Assessment of records for necessary maintenance
  • Payment of all duties and taxes on behalf of the client
  • Storage and warehousing of cargo before shipping if needed

Why Choose Our Exporter of Record Service

At GCE, exporter of record service is one of the foremost service domains. Not only do we know how it’s done, we know how it’s done right. As a veteran exporter of record, we have a long experience in delivering goods safely to their owners as fast as possible.

Choosing our exporter of record service, you are:

  • Partnering up with a logistics firm that gives you global coverage for EOR service
  • Buying a service where you can ask for instant quotes for your cargo needs
  • Getting the advantage of dealing with a team of customs and legal advice specialists
  • Getting full infrastructure support that will ensure your cargo is shipped safely to yo

Our highly trained teams of professionals are capable of handling all kind of complications that are possible in any exporter of record job. So, when you take our exporter of record service, you need not lose any sleep worrying about your shipment.

Get our exporter of record service today and let’s get your cargo home safely and fast!

Why choosing GCE?

Global Reach

Instant Quotes

Specialist Knowledge

Full infrastructure