Importer of Record IOR Canada, A Short Guide to Import Commercial Goods Into Canada IOR

Like any other country, Canada outlines a particular set of rules and regulation for importing. However, these rules are applied on any commercial good to the country. All the seasoned Importer of Record IOR services for Canada comply with these rules. They ensure clients’ goods and commodities can be imported. And delivered to the concerned parties in the importing country without a hassle.

Furthermore, If you are planning to import commercial goods into Canada on your own, you should be aware of these rules.

Obtain a Business Number

However, If you want to import commercial goods into Canada in an individual capacity, then you must obtain a Business Number. It is issued by the Canada Revenue Agency for opening both import and export accounts.

Identification of the Shipping Goods

You have to provide as much as info as possible regarding the items you want to import to Canada. From product composition information to samples, many details about the product are needed to determine its duty. When you import through any Importer of Record IOR service for Canada, you convey all this information to them. This help to get the quote and applicable tariffs.

Checking CBSA and Government Restrictions

Therefore when you import commercial goods into Canada, they go through the process of scrutiny. There they are checked if they are subjected to any restriction, regulation or permit by the Canada Border Service Agency. Or any other Canadian government department.

Here, experienced Importer of Record IOR services for Canada can tell you beforehand if there is any restricted item on your list of shipment.

Determination of 10-Digit Classification Number

When you are certain that an item is ready to be imported into Canada, you have to determine its correct classification number. However, this number along with the item’s country of origin determines the tariff applies to it. CBSA trade office can guide you with the determination of this number. Therefore, you can also consult any good Importer of Record IOR service for Canada. They will help in understanding what this 10-digit tariff classification number is.

Report Your Goods

Whether you import commercial goods into Canada yourself or get the services of an Importer of Record IOR service Canada for this purpose. All the importing items have to be reported to the CBSA. Seasoned Importers of Record use Electronic Data Interchange or bar-coded Cargo Control Document to report the shipment to the CBSA.

With the expertise of any experienced Importer of Record service for Canada, you don’t have to take care of all these steps. From custom pre-approval to tax refund filing, they can take care of every step of the importing process.


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