In order to export and sell your products abroad, it’s important that you have a legal presence in the exporting country. However, A local entity is required to look over matters relating to export transactions. An exporter of record EOR provides an affordable solution for businesses. That want to export goods without creating a direct presence abroad.

Therefore partnering with an exporter of record EOR, can help your save costs involved in establishing a legal presence abroad. We serve as a one-stop-source to handle all kinds of formalities and documentations involved in shipment clearance. You will be able to fulfill warranty services without creating a direct presence in the country.

Furthermore, One of the invaluable services provided by the exporter of record EOR is the help available in filing an EEI. However we will look at the requirements of filing an EEI, and also how an exporter of record EOR can help you in this regard.

What is an EEI?

An electronic export information (EEI) should be filed by companies registered in the US. The document should be filed by companies that export goods, mentioned in the Schedule B, valued more than $2,500. Formerly known as Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED), an EEI should be filed in case an export license is required to export the goods.

An EEI is filed using the Automatic Export System (AES). Previously, exporters used to send export information to the CBP manually on a paper in the form of Shipper’s Export Declaration (SED) form.  The CBP used this form to compile trade statistics. However, more than half of the documents contained errors. Therefore, In order to address this issue, the CBP introduced AES. Initially, filing an EEI electronically was optional, but in 2008 AES filing was made compulsory.

How Exporter of Record EOR Helps in Filing an EEI?

One of the responsibilities of an EOR includes helping the exporter in preparing the EEI. An exporter of record EOR,  will tell you instances when filing EEI is required, and when it is not required. We can take care of all the hassles involved in filing the document electronically. You can count on our experts to offer you with professional advice regarding EEI filing.

Apart from EEI filing, we also provide various value added import and export services. Our services are particularly targeted to companies located in the Middle East. We have been providing high-quality services to companies engaged in foreign trade for over two decades. You can count on our team of expert professionals for any type of assistance regarding foreign trade. For more information about our value-added export and import services, you can click here.