Reliable IOR EOR Services for Kenya

Mombasa Port  In Kenya is a hub of international trade. However it enjoys the reputation of ports you do not miss when you sail over the Indian Ocean. Therefore, With a highly engaged port, Kenya happens to be an economy with stringent customs law and complexities. Hence most traders have trouble navigating. Get the most reliable IOR EOR services for Kenya – GCE Logistics. So you do not have to worry about your shipments coming in to, or going out of, Kenya.

Trustworthy Importer of Record for Kenya

GCE Logistics has assisted numerous clients in the job of streamlining IOR for their cargo coming in to Kenya. Our team of IOR professionals working in Nairobi- Kenya is more than proficient. They deal with the documentation and other compliance obligations required by the State. Hence allow marine cargo coming in from abroad. We take pride in our specialized importer of record services for cargo headed to Kenya. This is because of the efficiency and commitment of our team operating there.

GCE Logistics makes sure your cargo arrives on Mombasa Port. And is delivered to your doorstep, safely and without any avoidable delays.

We are able to provide such high quality services because our IOR services teams are trained. They use the following guidelines:

  • Safety of the client’s cargo is of supreme importance
  • All required tasks for proper customs of the client’s cargo on the port of arrival are our responsibility

Dependable Exporter Of Record for Kenya

Furthermore, if you are shipping cargo out of Jordan, GCE Logistics is the dependable option for you. Our EOR services for Jordan are a level above the rest and second to none. As your proud exporter of record, we take care of all the pre-transit tasks. These tasks include documentation, such as customs forms, and other processes. These need to be done on the Aqaba Port or Queen Alia International Airport. Our EOR services team in Jordan takes over the departure of your cargo. And makes sure the cargo is boarded without delay and safely.

GCE Logistics is proud to be the chosen EOR business partner to numerous businesses around the world. Businesses include exporting goods out of Jordan. Furthermore, if your cargo requires any in-transit IOR or EOR services during a stay in Jordan, you can completely rely on GCE Logistics. We will take care of it on your behalf. So you can focus on business growth while we safely deliver your cargo to you.

  • We make certain your cargo is loaded on the vessel fast and safely
  • We make sure all documentation and legal requirements for the cargo have been met in a timely fashion

Reasons for Choosing GCE Logistics for Your IOR EOR Service Needs in Kenya

  • Streamlined, consistent, always ready to service you IOR EOR services in Kenya
  • Instant quotes for your IOR EOR services needs in Kenya
  • Expert help with specialized IOR EOR services teams who understand and ins and outs of Kenya customs law
  • Comprehensive, full-infrastructure support for your IOR EOR services needs in Kenya

GCE Logistics is one of a few companies providing such all-encompassing customs services in Kenya for clients all around the world.