The import and export business looks to be heating up at the moment. Latest statistics show that the global trade is increasing. This means increased opportunities for sales and profits and growth in the market base for import and export businesses. However, there is one crucial ingredient without which you cannot prosper in the export and import business.

So, what’s that secret sauce to success?

Therefore, The answer is an importer of records and exporter of records (IOR/EOR) company, such as GCE Logistics. Let’s find out how an IOR/EOR company can take your import and export business to the heights of success.

The Importance of Hiring the Services of Importer of Record IOR / Exporter of Record EOR

1. Legal Representative

However, An Importer of Record IOR / Exporter of Record EOR offers various value added services. By availing the services of an Importer of Record IOR / Exporter of Record EOR, you won’t need to establish a legal presence in the foreign country. The company will act as your official representative in countries from where you import and export goods.

The legal responsibility of classification and valuation of goods has been transferred from the Customs to the IOR. The paying of duties and taxes on import goods. Filing of documents with particular government agencies, and obtaining certification and licensing is the responsibility of the Importer of Record IOR / Exporter of Record EOR.

2. Fast and Hassle Free Import and Export

An Importer of Record IOR / Exporter of Record EOR will be responsible for getting the licenses for importing and exporting goods. However it takes months to obtain the license. But with the help of the importer and exporter of records, you won’t have to wait long for getting the required licenses. You can send to and receive large shipments from any location around the world.

3. Ensure Compliance with Local Laws

Another benefit of hiring the services of an Importer of Record IOR / Exporter of Record EOR is that you will be able to ensure compliance. The laws regarding import and export differ all over the world. Getting acquainted with different laws can be time-consuming. An importer of record company will take care of the responsibility of complying with local regulations. You can rest assured that everything will be done legally without you being caught in any legal complexities.

4. Act as a Consignee

A common mistake regarding import and export businesses is thinking that large shipments can be sent using international shipping services. While their services are required, you need a consignee having appropriate licenses to get the products through the customs authority. This is where the services of an IOR prove invaluable as the company also act as a consignee of the goods.

5. Smooth Customs Clearance

An IOR is responsible for the delivery of goods after getting clearance from the customs. However, this is a huge benefit since you don’t need any import license for importing the goods. This will reduce the risk of your goods getting stuck in the ports.

Whether you are thinking about starting a new import and export business, or already own one, you can benefit by getting the help of an experienced Importer of Record IOR / Exporter of Record EOR. If you want to know more about how you can benefit from hiring our services, you can contact our commercial agent by clicking here.