The Advantages and Risks of International Trade

Importance of IOR is that it helps in Expanding your supply chain to encompass international suppliers can reap big benefits for your business. Therefore, you can reduce labor costs and access specialized technologies and designs. However global manufacturers may offer the possibility for significant increases in production capacity producing superior quality goods. And outsourcing supply can allow your business to focus better on core competencies.

However, international trade comes with its fair share of challenges as well. Enlisting the services of an international supplier can often be an act of faith. Without a representative working on your behalf, your business can open itself to fraud.

Language barriers and cultural differences can make negotiations concerning price and quality. Particularly difficult, and without local personnel it’s also hard to monitor the quality of manufacturing processes, materials and finished products.

Therefore dealing with various difficulties posed by international shipping and transport, including the duties and regulations that crop up at customs checkpoints, is another issue your business has to resolve in order to ensure an efficient supply.

How an importance of IOR Importer of Record Can Help

Enlisting the services of an importer of record IOR can help you circumvent many of the challenges of global procurement. Amongst the services these firms provide are:

  • Ensuring imported goods comply with local laws
  • Preparing and presenting all required documentation to customs authorities
  • Undertaking payment of all necessary duties, tariffs and other expenses
  • Coordinating the smooth, seamless flow of large shipments through customs
  • Arranging for final delivery of goods to your warehouse

With these competencies and other facilities, here are some of the key areas where IORs Importer of Records  can facilitate international trade.

No Need for Legal Entity

In tightly regulated regions it can often take several months to arrange all the necessary license and permits that enable you to become an importer. An IOR Importer of Record allows you to forego this expensive and time-consuming process, their partnership provides you with an on-ground consignee with all necessary legal permissions already in place.

Remember, your international shipping provider is only concerned with arranging the transport of goods from one country to another. However after they arrive at port they will take no further responsibility.

Local Expertise

Each country has its own specific customs regulations and an import law. Therefore understanding the complex legal procedures for every market is almost impossible. However, An IOR Importer of Record will provide knowledgeable agents with experience of local shipping practices. These agents can even help you take advantage of regulations to import more.

Timely Delivery

Without a local consignee or representative present, your goods may become stuck at customs checkpoints. Often these delays are due to incorrect documentation or improper licenses. An IOR Importer of Record will take responsibility for any challenges providing the necessary expertise to deal with local authorities.

Simplify the Process

Instead of dealing with various barriers that arise from language, culture and currency you can provide all the shipment details to your IOR. So they can take over the rest. The price quoted for the goods will be the price you can expect to pay when they arrive at your doorstep. Dealing with local infrastructure and delivery processes is no longer your concern.

Maintain Focus

Your organization does not specialize in international trade. However dedicating valuable resources to fulfilling its complex requirements represents a drain on your core business. By partnering with an IOR Importer of Record, you can securely plan your sourcing requirements and focus on your main business. Safe in the knowledge that the IOR Importer of Record is taking care of the rest.