When it comes to international supply chain management, multinational organizations can greatly benefit from partnering with an Importer of Record IOR company. However this carries out international trade results in various complications. Therefore, the complexity arises regarding local rules and regulations as well as compliance requirements.

Issues in international trade mainly arise due to complex legal requirements regarding foreign trade. So different countries have different documentation and other requirements for import and export of goods. Failing to address the issues can result in delays in delivering or receiving goods. Increased costs due to additional duties, and even seizure of products by the customs authorities. This is where the services of Importer of Record IOR, can prove invaluable.

What are the Benefits of Hiring an Importer of Record IOR?

Most businesses fail to realize the real value of the IOR, and how it affects international supply chain management. By hiring the services of an Importer of Record IOR , potential liabilities regarding international trade can be reduced to a large extent.

Therefore, an Importer of Record IOR is recognized as the official agent of the importer by the local government. You won’t need to create a presence in the foreign country to import goods from abroad. All the import transactions are carried out through the Importer of Record IOR . Some of the responsibilities of an Importer of Record include the following:

  • Pay taxes and duties on imported goods
  • Obtain any certification, licensing, and authorization that is required for the import
  • File declarations with different nations regarding imported goods
  • Ensure that the imported goods fulfill local regulations

An Importer of Record IOR ensures smooth, fast, and reliable import of goods. A company will be able to support warranties and other claims abroad with the help of an IOR .


Managing international supply chain is a costly and risky endeavor for a business. Companies can greatly benefit from hiring the services of an Importer of Record IOR. You won’t need to worry about applying for the requisite permits or filing customs documents including shipping bills, commercial invoices, and customs supporting documents such as certifications, permits, and clearing documents.

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